The land of opportunity

Over the last decade Dubai has established itself as a global player on the international stage. Boasting some of the worlds finest architecture, the ever growing Dubai landscape really is an inspiration to the rest of the world. When we think of this amazing city, we think the ultimate destination for luxury, shopping and entertainment, however it is important to recognise the journey the emirate has taken.

Originally dependent on oil, the forward thinking vision of the UAE leaders, have created a smart economy that is now a hub to international business. Furthermore the strategic location of Dubai offers excellent connectivity to the rest of the world and is home to two major airlines, Emirates and Etihad airways.

It is hard to ignore that a big influence on the Dubai economy is the real estate industry. Dubai is a playground for property investors around the world, offering luxurious homes for less, in comparison to other major cities across the globe, beating London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. Investors are taking advantage of low property values, and in return receiving excellent rental yields and with some industry leaders predicting extreme growth over the upcoming years, now is the time to enter the Dubai property market.

Regeneration and Investment around Dubai

Connecting Minds Expo 2020

The Dubai 2020 Expo, will take place over a 6 month period, set to attract 25 million global visitors and become a game changing event for Dubai. With 192 participating countries, the Expo is a global platform which will attract investments, forge agreements and promote international cooperation.

Dubai Metro 2020 Route 2020

Route 2020 is a 15km extension to the Dubai Metro, connecting Jebel Ali Metro station to the Expo 2020 site which will be extended to Al Maktoum International Airport, providing a direct connection between the city's two airports. The Expo station will have a capacity of 522,000 passengers per day.

Innovation Smart Economy

By 2021, the government's aim is to reach the status of a sustainable city. Currently, there are 200 smart initiatives and more than 1,000 smart services.

Visas Visa Rules

The UAE have rolled out visa incentives. Property investors are now eligible for a 2 year residence visa in Dubai with a little as AED 1 million of an investment. The recently announced long term investor visa now allows investors to plan for the long term.

Affordable Living

Dubai is seeing the emergence of affordable living communities, such as Dubai Land. Communities like these are attracting more people to Dubai, making it a place once for the rich and famous, a more affordable place to set up home and raise a family.

Spotlight on Dubai

Business Growth 
and Migration

Business Growth 
and Migration

The city offers excellent business opportunities to anyone looking to start a business. The UAE has transformed itself into the land of opportunity, making their mark on multiple industries.



Dubai’s business sector has attracted over 21.6 billion dollars in foreign investments alone. That has boosted its GDP positively, currently it is 2.9% and is predicted to grow dramatically in the upcoming years.



Dubai’s strategic location between East and West making it a gateway to connect with emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.



We are seeing multiple large regeneration schemes across Dubai, which is attracting the worlds elite.

Global Appeal

Global Appeal

Recognised as one of the most visited cities in the world, combined with the highly anticipated 2020 Expo, Dubai's global appeal ranks up there with the very best.



Dubai's modern and forward thinking infrastructure makes the city one of the most attractive places in the world to live.

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